Jennie Day November 2016

Yesterday marked a special “Jennie Day”. for us.  Exactly one year ago, we started making the monthly dinners at the Greater Hudson Halley Ronald McDonald House, where we spent so much time during Jen’s treatment.  Twelve different meals (well, there were a few doubles), and a multitude of families met.  Thank you , Joy LePera, for coming up with such a wonderful idea to ease such a difficult day.

We also got a chance to catch up with two of the doctors who spent so much time with Jen.  Her primary oncologist was working at the Infusion Center yesterday, so we stopped in to see her, for the first time since she came up to Dutchess County to celebrate Jen’s life with us at the New Hamburg Fire House in July 2015.  As it turns out, she had seen me since that time; she was driving around the RMcD House and saw someone tending the grill and said “that really looks like Bill LePera”.  And it was – Jen’s Uncle Arnie and I were tending the outdoor grill at the House for Jen’s 1-year anniversary.

We also saw one of the oncology fellows, who has since been hired on as an attending physician.  She was one of Jen’s favorites, and ours too.  She said she thinks about Jennie often, recalling her spirit and determination to beat her disease.

Aunt Denise was right – she should have won.  As should all the children we knew, and didn’t know, and don’t know today.

Yesterday’s meal was Chicken Vesuvio, courtesy of Food Network and Giada De Laurentiis.  This is a very tasty and hearty dish that we hope the families at the House enjoyed.  We also brought trays to the PICU and oncology units at the hospital.

Finally, your generosity to the Jennie Foundation in October allowed us to make our largest donations yet, to both the RMcD House and the Family Resource Center at Westchester Medical Center.  You can see the details here.  We were also able to set aside funds for the Jennie Foundation Scholarships.  Your support makes a real difference!  Thank You!

And just a reminder, our Avon Fundraiser runs until Saturday, November 19.  You can find additional details here.

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  1. Once again, kudos to Bill and Joy and Susan for turning a personal tragedy into an opportunity to help others. I love seeing the posts about where the money goes — we can see that it goes directly to tangible goods and services that families of cancer patients need. Very proud of you all and proud to support The Jennie Foundation!

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