Jennie Day January 2017

A belated thank you for another successful Jennie Day meal. On January 15th, we marked 18 months since we lost Jen (can it really be a year and a half?) by preparing two different meals for our friends in Westchester. First, for the Ronald McDonald House families, we prepared two turkeys, which were graciously donated to the House and passed onto us to cook. They were accompanied by gravy, Italian Sausage filling, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, salad, and pies for dessert.

For the hospital, we prepared extra-cheesy Baked Ziti and homemade sour cream pound cake for dessert. We had a very nice visit at the hospital with many of the nurses who helped care for Jen. These visits are always emotional and are not easy to do, but we feel better for it as it keeps Jen’s memory alive with those who tried so hard to help her.

We were honored and blessed this month to have help from family, our cousin Marianne Ferraro, who shared the ride and the cooking with us. Conversation both in the car and kitchen was lively and made the outing much more fun. Marianne, thank you for your help on the 15th, and for all you and your family did for Jen while she was sick.

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