Jennie Day February 2017 – and Robert

This month’s Jennie Day marked 19 months since we lost Jen. In addition to the meals for the Greater Hudson Valley Ronald McDonald House and the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital PICU and oncology units, we were privileged to help a sick little boy get home.

At the beginning of this month, representatives from Maria Fareri reached out to the Foundation, asking for help for Robert Fausto. Robert is 5 years old and has X linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, which is a progressive disease that affects the adrenal glands and the white matter of the brain. Robert and his mother Rene are from Texas, and came to Maria Fareri for treatment. Unfortunately, the disease progressed more rapidly than anticipated, leaving Robert bedridden, with a poor prognosis.

At this point, Rene just wanted to take her son home, where she has family and support. Commercial transport was out of the question due to Robert’s condition, and Rene’s insurance would not over the cost of an air ambulance flight home. MFCH officials contacted several local and national organizations (including The Jennie Foundation) to raise the money necessary to get Robert home. Robert and Rene left the hospital on Jennie Day, the 15th, just a few hours before we delivered the dinners, and arrived in Texas later that evening.

The air ambulance company posted a release about Robert, which can be found here:

As always, your support makes our work possible. Thank you for all you do to help The Jennie Foundation.

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