Jennie Day June 2017

June’s Jennie Day marks 23 months since we lost Jen, and I am wondering where that time went. It seems both like an eternity and just a moment ago we saw her smile, or got burned by her wit. Next month will be two years, and like talking about a baby’s age, I guess that after 24 months, you start counting in years. We miss you terribly Jen.

This month’s Jennie Day featured a BBQ theme, with pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and homemade cole claw, and corn-on-the-cob, fresh from the farm. For dessert, we had three different kinds of cookies – chocolate chip, cherry and white chocolate oatmeal, and beautiful rainbow sugar cookies.

We would especially like to thank Jen’s Aunt Linda Mills, who not only made the trek from Pennsylvania to Westchester to help prepare the meal, but actually provided all the main courses and sides. Thanks also goes out to Jill Borine, who provided the rainbow cookies that were an absolute hit with the children staying at the house (and thank you again Jill for the three cookies you set aside for me 🙂 ). Everything was delicious, and the families and staff at the Ronald McDonald House, the 2nd floor PICU, and the 3rd floor treatment wards enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to also make distributions to the hospital’s Family Resource Center and sponsor the guest portion of a 10-day stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Our distributions have come to include many of the same items (toiletries bags, preemie clothing, gas and food cards), but we were assured that these items are always in need and greatly appreciated by the recipients!

As always, we could not do what we do without your generous help. Thank You.

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