Time. Science tells us that time and the passage of time is constant, never changing. Of course, the reality is that the perception of the passage of time changes as you age. Consider:

A 6-year old who has to wait until he is 8 to have a puppy

A 14-year old that has to wait until she is 16 to drive

A 16-year old that has to wait until he is 18 to vote

Or a 23-year old that has to wait until she is 25 to get a decent rate on car insurance

Jeez, two years is forever

But these last two years seem to have gone by in a wink. Today is two years since we lost Jen to cancer and the effects of its treatment. Since then our family has added babies, and significant-others who will come to know Jen as an abstract concept instead of a real person. What a shame for them. The video attached to this post was taken by one of Jen’s friends who got a hold of her phone and captures the Jennie essence perfectly. It’s short and has a bit of language, so be forewarned. I found a few of these this morning, and today was just about the first time in those two years I could bring myself to watch them.

It was very difficult, as I thought it would be, but it was nice too, it was nice seeing her and hearing her voice. This particular video made me laugh a little which is why I thought I would share it.

Starting today, we will no longer mark her loss in months; as with babies, it’ll be years from now on. More people will get married, have babies, start careers, retire, live, die. It’s life, and time marches on. We must live and enjoy life, not only because it’s what Jen would have wanted, but it’s also just the natural order of things. We will continue to do good in her name, and try to help others going through the same ordeal we did. We will cherish the triumphs and mourn the losses.

We will move on because we must, but we will never forget and always keep her in our hearts and memories.

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