April Update

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser last month.  We just got the check from BWW and are happy to report we made over $350 at the event, and also got to spend some time with many great people.  We are planning an ice cream fundraiser in June in Hopewell Junction,  NY.  More details to follow…

Our 2017 Federal and New York State filings were submitted and are available for your inspection here.  Thanks to your support, the Foundation was able to set aside money for 2019’s Scholarship Program that match this year’s scholarship awards, and we are hoping to expand that program even more.  The meal programs and financial and material support for families at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley have continued, and the Foundation was also able to offer support to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Philadelphia, PA, which is where Jen’s family is from and where the RMcD House concept originated.

Also, we are still collecting “Pay It Forward” stories to commemorate Jen’s 21st birthday.  You can find details here.  Don’t forget to submit your stories to payitforward@jenniefoundation.org #PayItForwardForJennie

Thank you once again for your help in keeping Jennie’s memory alive.

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