Jennie Day October 2018

This month’s Jennie Day meal consisted of Italian Sausage and Peppers, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Salad, with chocolate chip cookies and homemade rainbow sugar cookies for dessert.  We’d like to thank Paul and Jill Borine for their sponsorship of this month’s meal, and to especially thank Jill for baking and shipping the rainbow cookies, which are always a huge hit with the children in the Ronald McDonald House – Joy describes them as “a party in every cookie”.

Most months we don’t interact with parents or families too much, as they are busy caring for their child in the hospital across the parking lot.  This month, however, we did get to talk to three different families while we were preparing the dinner.  All were grateful for the hospitality offered to them by the House, and one was even waiting for our dinner to finish cooking – the mom said she was tired of cold food from the hospital lobby and was looking forward to a hot meal.  Believe us, we can relate to that, which is one of the reasons why the meal program is so important.  Thank you once again for your support that allows us to continue this program.  We still have sponsorship opportunities for 2019 available.  You can refer to for more information if you wish to sponsor an upcoming meal.

October is always a difficult month, as Halloween was one of Jen’s favorite holidays.  In 2014, post-transplant and feeling miserable, she still rallied to put on spooky makeup and a fake spider on her forehead.  This got a laugh out of everyone who stopped by her room.  Thank you once again for all you do to support the work done in her memory.

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