CIA Scholarship Update

Last week we received word that the second Jennie Foundation Culinary Scholarship for 2018 had been awarded to a student named Alexandra Ceribelli.  We have not yet had the opportunity to meet Alexandra as she is currently away from campus on her 18-week industry experience externship, but we are looking forward to meeting her in the new year.

In 2018, the Foundation funded two scholarships in Jen’s name at the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY.  These are called “Side-Towel” Scholarships, and are used to provide students in need with funds to meet any unexpected need that may prevent them from continuing their studies, be it tuition or supplies, housing, or transportation.  These are very selective awards and the school takes great care in the selection of the recipients.  The first scholarship was awarded earlier this year to Jessie Gayle.  We got to know Jessie, appropriately enough, over dinner at a local restaurant in Dutchess County, and also attended his commencement in September.

Thank you for your generosity that allows us to fund these important scholarships.  We already have funds set aside to award two more Side-Towel scholarships in 2019.  These scholarships align perfectly with The Jennie Foundation’s scholarship mission to assist those students overcoming adversity in their scholastic or personal lives.

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