Jennie Day October 2019

The October Jennie Day Meal consisted of both Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice, Salad, and Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. We’d like to thank Paul and Jill Borine for their generous sponsorship of this month’s meal.

This month marked a sort of milestone we expected to occur at some point but still were not prepared for. For the first time, the none of the nurses in one of the wards where Jen spent so much time knew who she was, who we were, or what The Jennie Foundation was all about. Realistically, this was bound to happen, as nurses move on to different wards or hospitals, take promotions, retire, etc. Being a nurse in a pediatric cancer ward is very difficult duty, and it speaks to the dedication of those who stay the course and remain over time.

Thank you nurses, and nurses aids, housekeeping and food service personnel, couriers, and everyone who helps with the care of these critically ill children. And thank you, our donors, so much for all you do to support our work, and to help those families in need.

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