Meet Taylor Hanson


On Sunday, February 23, we had the privilege of meeting Taylor Hanson, who was the recipient of the first 2019 Jennie Foundation Scholarship for Culinary Arts.  This award funded a Side-Towel Scholarship at the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York.  The CIA awards these Side-Towel Scholarships to students based on need, with the proceeds used to meet expenses that might otherwise prevent a student from graduating.  This can include school-related items like tuition, books, materials and and supplies, or other unexpected expenses like rent, or utilities.  The CIA takes great care in selecting recipients for Side-Towel Scholarships, particularly those funded by the Jennie Foundation.  Erin Decker, from the CIA Advancement Office, says they look for students who are “as special as Jennifer was”.

Taylor met us for dinner at Stephano’s Ristorante in Wappingers Falls, New York. We enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal and discussed Taylor’s upcoming graduation and his post-graduation plans.  We are honored to be invited to the upcoming commencement ceremony and look forward to seeing Taylor again, and also to meet his family, who will be coming into Hyde Park to celebrate with him.

The CIA is finalizing the selection of the second 2019 Culinary Arts Scholarship, and we hope to meet this student at Taylor’s ceremony.

On behalf of the scholarship winners, we’d like to thank our donors for making the Jennie Foundation Scholarships possible.

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